Welcome to my fresh new website. Now that I am retired, and have time, there will be articles, blogs, competitions, and much more happening here, so keep the address handy and call in regularly. I have also updated my Facebook page, so keep your eye on that as well.

My first book ‘Times of Our Lives’, has sold well, especially with the ‘more mature’ audience! I wrote it for people my age, and the reception has been wonderful. Of course, the eternal question is, ‘When is the next one coming out?’. Retirement means I no longer have any excuses, and ideas that I have jotted down on paper over the last couple of years are bubbling away and starting to really take shape. Hopefully, they will make the jump from taking shape, to appearing in book form, in the next 12 months!

Don’t worry, I will keep you all apprised of the progress as it happens!

I would love to hear feedback of ‘Times of Our Lives’, so please, drop me a line with any comments, suggestions or queries you have. I am always delighted when readers contact me! Remember, you can also find me on Facebook

If this is your first introduction to my site, call into https://www.ylva-publishing.com/ for other wonderful stories by our fantastic collection of authors.

Happy Reading!

Jane Waterton, Author